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Rise of the Macedonian Greek Empire

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From the beginning the three brothers escaping from Argos in the Peloponnese, said to be from the house of Temenus, the great great grandson of Hercules, their names are Gauanes, Aeropos, and Perdiccus, to find their way and make Macedon their new kingdom. Founded in 808 BC by King Perdiccus l. There were many kings and many battles, in 460 BC King Alexander l, participated in the Olympics in Olympia Greece, his claim of his Argead dynasty and his lineage was allowed, only Greeks could participate in the games. Fast forward to the eighteenth king, Phillip ll of Macedon who was a prisoner at Thebes for three years which was a diplomatic handover, and was taught military maneuvers while he was in captivity, by the Great General Epaminondas. Phillip ll was brought back home to Macedon in 364 BC by his brother King Perdiccus ll. He ruled as govenor and started military training and reforms to their army. In 359 BC his brother the king was killed in battle, Phillip ll now was crowned king of Macedon. As King Phillip did reforms and training to his military like no other, with the introduction of the Sarissa 13 to 20 foot pike or spear, phalanx, calvary, and combat training, he created the unstoppable war machine, the Macedonian Army, dedication, knowledge, and fierce training. There would be battles, and negotiations, but Phillip ll managed to unite Greece as one, and establish the league of Corinth, all united to fight against the Persian empire. In 336 BC King Phillip ll, his son Alexander lll of Macedon, and his Mother Queen Olympias, and many guests and dignitaries from all over Greece, were in attendance in Aegae their first capitol before moving to Pella, for the wedding of Cleopatra of Macedon, Phillip’s daughter with Olympias. Tragedy would strike, feeling comfortable in his company Phillip would walk without his bodyguards while tending to his guests, and from some rivalry one of his bodyguards had with Phillip, he decided to assassinate him by stabbing him to death. A great King was gone, immediately after, Alexander and Olympias eliminated any threat or competition to the throne. Alexander lll of Macedon was crowed king, with his mother beside him, and all his generals, advisors, and the powerful Macedonian army he inherited. King Alexander would fight many battles at home in Greece, and eliminate any threats of rivals, securing command, and with his mother as co-regent, while he set off on a thirteen year conquest, of the Persian Empire, Asia, Egypt, and India. King Alexander would marry three times, have a son, Alexander IV of Macedon. He would fight important battles like Issus, Granicus, Gaugamela, and Hydaspes. After all his travels battles, conquests, in 332 BC Alexander The Great would suddenly pass of illness, in Babylon. For years there was war over Alexander The Great’s empires, finally the Hellenistic world settled in four stable empires, Seleucid empire in the east, the kingdom of Pergamon in Asia Minor, Ptolemaic dynasty of Egypt, and Macedon. The Ptolomeic dynasty flourished until 30 BC, until the last of the Ptolomeic ruler, the famous Cleopatra Queen of Egypt. After Alexander’s death, Cassander (one of the successor’s) became king, of Macedonia and Greece in 317 BC, he would build a city and name it after his wife, Alexander ‘s sister, (Thessalonike) Thessaloniki, Greece established in 315 BC. In 1977 In Vergina Greece The tomb of King Phillip ll of Macedon was found, the father of Alexander The Great, one of the greatest finds of the world, un touched tomb of a Macedonian King was a archeological wonder. There is the Archeological Museum of Pella Greece, and the Archeological Museum of Thessaloniki Greece to see some of the great ancient Macedonian finds. Hope you enjoyed my column. Include are finds from the royal tomb of Vergina, Tomb of Phillip ll of Macedon, modern pics ancient Pella, Macedonian ancient army artists renditions. #greece #Alexander #greekhistory #Macedonian #ancientgreece

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