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Castro anglez, Lenini çeçen, De Gaulli arab

Hulumtimi i Institutit të Gjenetikës nga Schafhauseni i Zvicrës ka nxjerrë edhe disa rezultate tejet interesante për prejardhjen gjenetike të disa prej liderëve historikë botërorë.

Sipas hulumtimit, Fidel Castro ka prejardhje angleze, Vladimir Lenini kishte qenë çeçen, ndërsa presidenti francez Charles de Gaulle që u tërhoq nga Algjeria kishte qenë, në fakt, me prejardhje arabe.

By: John McCallum / Reuters)

President Washington himself said to have left a paper-trust to protect Albanians from America at any time and in any manner. Some time ago, the Institute of Biochemistry and Genetics, Schafhausen headquartered in Switzerland, has published the results of new research on genetic world leaders, under which it appears that the historical president of the United States, George Washington, has been Albanian descent.

Institute, which in the context of extensive research analyzed genetic samples of former U.S. president who led the country into a war of liberation against the British Kingdom, concludes that Washington was 50 percent Albanian, which means that one of his parents was 100 percent Albanian .
While the Basel Institute does not go into detail about this epochal discovery, experts in other fields are hurrying to confirm this assertion, also citing other evidence, the linguistic genealogy.

George Washington has been the main political leader of the U.S. military in the years 1775-1799, which led the country to victory in the liberation war against Great Britain, was in charge of the country at the time of writing the constitution and held presidential governance practices that even today are the foundation stones of working in the White House. In the U.S. it is considered as the “Father of the Nation”.

The Albanian mother

According to linguist “Albert Myko”, from the Institute of Linguistics at the University of California, Berkeley, USA, there is other evidence to show that the mother of George Washington was shqiptare.George Washington Augustin was the son of Washington and Mary Ball Washington. Mary Mary was actually Bala, whose parents were from the district of Pec, in Kosovo today. Lively Marija was born in Virginia, USA, in 1708, but her parents have been there in 1706, after a long journey by ship launched from Ragusa, Dubrovnik today, and led them through Britain to Earth Promised, America. History of Washington grandparents travel from Kosovo to America is described in a biographical book “Mary Ball Washington” author Virginia Carmichael, published in 1850. There, even said that Balaj had come from a village called Sinic, which can be tampering name Isniq village, municipality of Decani:, said Myko, who shows up later that this story was kept hidden in the drawers of the White House, and that the mention of Albanian origin is removed from Washington’s list topics banned by the National Security Council of the United States just a few kohe.Në about this, White House officials have declined to say only that “it was not a coincidence that Vice President Biden mentioned Washington in relation to the Prime Minister Kosovo “.

Amana Washington

However, the recent discovery, perhaps sheds light on some other aspects of U.S. involvement in Kosovo and Albanians in general support. Acclaimed American author, Carl Woodward, who has written dozens of books and documentaries for American presidents stories from the White House, says that during research for his book archives about Clinton presidency, published in 2004 under the title “House Clinton” has found a paper self-proclamation of George Washington, in connection with the Albanians. I remember, when I showed him the letter to Bill Clinton in one of many interviews for the book and said, “See, Bill, what I discovered from archives of Washington. He, with the first letter, he said: “I saw Carl, I see. I had not seen, God knows if we would have intervened in Kosovo, “says Woodward, known as a journalist, columnist and author who has so far won four awards” Pulitzer “. He says not to be included in the book Washington’s letter to Clinton, because now prepares special book for Washington and his Albanian descent. Woodward says that if they thought the book title-George Washington: First Lestari White House or maybe “The Albanian from Kosovo who created the state of America.”

In a way, the U.S. commitment in favor of the Albanians is a debt that America now turns people born founder of the American people. From the research it is clear that President Woodrow Wilson had read this letter at the time had decided to establish an independent state of Albania, Woodward says, and adds that equally, President Nixon was the key man who has contributed to achieving the autonomy of Kosovo , the Constitution of 1974.
Nixon and Tito had a meeting, sometime in 1970, in which U.S. President irrevocably pledged assistance of 5 billion dollars to Yugoslavia, from 500 million a year by 1980, in exchange for granting full autonomy for Kosovo. Tito was agreed and it all started there – the creation of the University of Pristina, the 1971 constitutional amendments, the Constitution of 1974, and so on, shows Woodward.Madje, a continuation of the assistance has been provided in a discussion between Tito and President another American, Jimmy Carter, for the years 1980-1990, for whom getting Tito was agreed to give Kosovo republic status. But Tito died, the Serbs moved against autonomy, Americans stopped helping others … you know, said ai.Sidoqoftë, Woodward believes that all American presidents have read Washington’s letter and were obliged by it to help Albanians , in different ways and at different stages of history. American author does not wish to reveal the contents of the letter, saying he should wait release of my book, but says that those who left the print Washington will clarify many things about U.S. relations with Albanians.

In connection with the epochal discovery of Albanian origin of George Washington, as well as other statements unheard until now, the U.S. Embassy in Pristina did not want to give any koment.Hulumtimi of the Institute of Genetics of Schafhauseni of Switzerland has issued some extremely results interesting genetic origin of some of the historical world leaders. According to research, Fidel Castro has English descent, had been Vladimir Lenin Chechen, while French President Charles de Gaulle withdrew from Algeria that had been, in fact, of Arab descent.

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