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American congresswoman, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a young and brave lady.

Luan Baci
July 3, 2022

Aleksandria Ocasio-Cortez, a woman of Latin American origin, a member of the American Congress, once working as a waitress, a job with which she supported herself and her family, rose to the position of a member of Congress, only by fighting openly, with a loud voice up for the rights and needs of the working class. (Note, I didn’t say “the RABOCHI class”, like is engaged in communist propaganda, but I said the “working class”! Don’t get fired up, you Albanian speaking “pro-Americans!”).

This is how this brave woman writes, who has not turned a blind eye, even though she has been threatened with her life by groups of interest and by people, “right wing” or simply paid by the “right wing”, many of whom accuse her of being a socialist. this brave woman:

“Did you know that over half of all Members of Congress are millionaires? Meanwhile, the median household income is only $67,521. 👈🏽 This is wild. Many of our lawmakers have no lived experience of working paycheck to paycheck or trying to pay rent working a low-wage job.

To me, policy is personal. When I worked as a bartender, I relied on tips to pay the bills. I know the urgent and daily stresses of working-class people because I have lived them. And I intimately understand how important measures like raising the minimum wage, universal health care, universal childcare, and free college can be for families living in financial uncertainty. That’s why I’m in Congress: to represent working families like mine.

I am honored to be here, and I can’t do this work without you — the grassroots supporters who have had my back every step of the way. I can’t self-fund my campaign by writing a big check, and I don’t do any donor call-time or exclusive fundraising events. We rely completely on small-dollar donors, so if you are able, can you chip in $5 to our campaign?”

This is the America of opportunities, when even the children of immigrants go to the top of the state, because they are Masters of Work and gain the respect of people. One such example is that of the current American vice president, Kamala D. Harris, or the former American president, Barack Hussein Obama II.

It’s time for the Albanian people, in ALBANIA and in emigration, to learn from good examples everywhere in the world, to start looking at life not only in black and white, “communist, socialist, or democratic”, but to ask themselves how much and how does my action help my national cause, and not my pocket, because “my pocket”, without relying on the national interest, or worse against it, one day it will be torn, and the wealth you have in that pocket will go to your mind eat it!


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