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“God speaks ALBANIAN” in America, but not in ALBANIA ?!


Luan Baci

June 6, 2022

     A little over a week ago, I received an email from some of my American friends asking me if I would agree to read in Albanian, two parts of the Bible written in English. In short they wanted me to translate and read from English to Albanian, in their church, which is in a big city, next to my hometown. It was a somewhat surprising request for me, especially since I knew that my friends had seen and knew me well that I did not practice any kind of religion, and I had always told them that religions are like political parties created by powers to control and exploit ordinary people. And this position of mine, I made known again to them and to the president of that church, Pastor Ms. Judith, I received the friendly response of their lips saying to me, “yes, we know this”. Among my friends, regarding their request to read in Albanian, parts of the Bible, before they asked me to go to their church, there were discussions saying how it is possible for Luan to read the Bible in the church, because he does not practice?! Despite any questions between them, they decided to make the request to me, via the emails they sent me.

     With a culture and respect of truly knowledgeable people, Ms. Judith, Pastor of the church, who is the main figure of the church (In Albanian the priest of the church), in this case a revered woman, and not a man, in one of the emails write:

     “Hi Joe, Luan, Jacob, and Cindy,

    Thank you so much for saying yes to reading at Pilgrim on Sunday morning !!! The english translation that you will each be reading in different languages ​​is below. Its verses 17 and 18 of Acts 2. This passage from the New Testament Book of Acts is always read on Pentecost Sunday (which is this coming Sunday this year. It moves around from year to year). On Pentecost Sunday, the followers of Jesus are huddled together in the “upper room”, afraid, trembling, and praying.

…… The Holy Spirit gives them the gift to speak to the crowds of Jews down in the street in their own languages. The festival of Pentecost drew Jews from all over, not just from Israel, but from the surrounding countries, therefore they spoke a variety of languages. Which is where you come in! : -) … “

     Translation of the above:

     “Përshëndetje Joe, Luan, Jacob dhe Cindy,

     Faleminderit shumë që i thoni po leximit në Pilgrim të dielën në mëngjes!!! Përkthimi në anglisht që secili do të lexoni në gjuhë të ndryshme është më poshtë. Vargjet e tij 17 dhe 18 të Veprave të Apostujve 2. Ky pasazh nga Libri i Veprave të Dhiatës së Re lexohet gjithmonë të dielën e Rrëshajëve (që është kjo e dielë që vjen këtë vit. Ai lëviz nga viti në vit). Të dielën e Rrëshajëve, ndjekësit e Krishtit janë grumbulluar së bashku në “dhomën e sipërme”, të frikësuar, duke u dridhur dhe duke u lutur.

…… Fryma e Shenjtë u jep atyre dhuratën që t’u flasin turmave të hebrenjve në rrugë në gjuhët e tyre. Festivali i Rrëshajëve tërhoqi hebrenj nga të gjitha anët, jo vetëm nga Izraeli, por nga vendet përreth, prandaj ata flisnin gjuhë të ndryshme. Ku hyn ti! :-)…”

     So, based on what was said above, God has spoken and speaks in all the languages ​​of the world, and the Pilgrim Church, although there was no believer who was from ALBANIA, wanted to hear “the words of God” in ALBANIA . And to realize this, they invited me to their church ceremony.

     I decided to go and read in Albanian what was required, and this with great significance. Before I left, I prepared at home some printed copies of OUR GLORIOUS RED AND BLACK FLAG, explaining how this symbol and its history were chosen in English, and pieces of the map of ALBANIA, for show you the location of my country. I also prepared a short speech about the geographical location and OUR NATIONAL HISTORY THAT MAKES US HONORABLE IN THE WORLD.

     Pastor, Judith, thank me before I speak, but I said, no, I have to thank you, because in my country, in religious services, the use of the Albanian language is almost completely denied, or it becomes very little, or as a second language, they try to bypass my language. She was stunned and said, “How is it possible, why is this allowed ?!” This is because religion in Albania has a deeply political character, and is funded by chauvinist groups of our neighbors.

     Ms. Judith, let me start the religious ceremony. I introduced myself to the hall that followed me, briefly my place from geographical position and our national history, then read what was asked of me. At the end of my reading and speech, the hall followed me with very friendly applause and for such a duration that I had not even mentioned it. After my speech, I asked the audience if they wanted to get copies of the Albanian flag and maps of Albania, which I had prepared at home, and I immediately saw with pleasure that most of them raise their hands, as a sign of affirmation. I shared what I had, having in myself a pleasure that you rarely get to try.

     As the program continues with other materials, later, it was Ms. Judith’s request that I should read the same material again, also from me in the beautiful Albanian language. Ms. Jodi ordered and asked: “Going by the alphabet (because, why not?), The Luan will read first in Albanian, Cindy will then read in French, Joe will then read in Italian and Jacob will read the last one in Spanish (languages ​​are the alphabetical part!). So I read again, followed by three others in their languages.

     In the end, after Mr. Jacob finished reading in Spanish, according to the Bible, since God heard all the people speak at the same time, in their own languages, what the Lord had spoken, it took me so that I read for the third time in Albanian, but at the same time when everyone was reading in their own language. Of course, this way no one could understand anything, but according to the Bible, God hears everyone, in their own language, and at the same time.

     The religious ceremony closed here, and all the participants went to the dining room of the Pilgrim church, to eat lunch together and a pastry on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the founding of that church, on the birthday of the church.

     This whole story leads to the conclusion and the question: Why do the imams in ALBANIA speak in Arabic and Turkish, with the mouth of the “Albanian” Shefqet Krasniqi and others like him, partialy ALBANIAN, or not at all Albanian, and the Orthodox priests, speaking mainly Greek, yes even any “Albanian” speaks only Greek, or Greek as a first language, and very little Albanian, in the “independent” Autocephalous church of Noli the Great, today occupied by Anastasius of Greece?! I do not know about Catholics, but maybe even in that religious sect it can be the same as in the two sisters of other institutions, Orthodox and Muslim?!

     If the churches in America and other religious institutions are financed by the believers themselves, why and who finances them in ALBANIA?!

     Religious institutions in ALBANIA are only hotbeds of anti-Albanianism, so believers, with their right to believe in God, should not go to these institutions, where they does not find representatives of God, but representatives of the intelligence of the secret services of foreign powers, which are neither less nor more, but the vanguard of new invasions and divisions of Albanian territories.

     Dear brothers and sisters, believers of all faiths!

     Ask yourself the question:

     “Why in America” ​​God speaks “Albanian, and in the Bible,”God hears and speaks to the people in their languages”, while in Albanian religious institutions “God should speak only Arabic, Turkish and Greek “, but never, not at all or very little Albanian?! “

     Believing sisters and brothers, as you believe, and this is your right, practice your faith in your homes, do not allow the boys in the religious institutions in ALBANIA, to introduce you against the Albanian brother of another religion and against the HOMELAND. Do not forget the sermons made by your clergy that seek to kill those who do not believe in your religion, these criminal sermons, spread in churches and mosques in ALBANIA.


     Religion is opium for the people, and among Albanians with three religions, it is a means of division.

     Thanks for reading.

     My condolences to all.


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