Musa Krasniqi

The Albanian authorities have never raised either Sandzak or Chameria as national issues that require solutions. Both Sandzak and Chameria had centuries of indigenous Albanian population.


The Albanian people of Sandzak and Chameria were massacred and expelled by the most inhuman fascist methods inaccessible to the normal human mind. Most of the few Albanians left there have been assimilated.


The enemies conquered these territories not by war (soldier by soldier) but by MASSACRE to the defenseless people. This is a great fact and should be a strong basis for the Albanian authorities in foreign policy diplomacy to do / do something.


“Zajednica” inside Kosovo has Serb COLONISTS whom Serbia has brought for political purposes from time to time throughout history. How big the issue of “zajednica” has become – it has become a European and world issue. In fact, it is a very small issue compared to the big issues of Sandzak and Chameria.


Through its colonists – with such small issues, Serbia is working cunningly and untruthfully as always for its ever-invading interests. Aggressive-fascist Serbia towards the Albanians, has managed to bypass its massacres and the missing Albanians and become a privileged peace in the eyes of the world, compared to Kosovo, thanks to the incompetence and mediocrity of our rulers. So the aggressor-massacre ( THE AUTHORS OF THE MASSACRE.Clarification of the translator. L.B.), has become privileged and the victim humiliated and as a result Kosovo is being punished and Serbia is being rewarded by the internationals.


How is it possible that “zajednica” was signed? How is it possible for “zajednica” to become a bigger issue than the Serbian genocidal massacres of the Albanian civilian people defenseless in the recent war in Kosovo?


This is the grave irresponsibility of our post-war rulers. It was trampled with both feet on the ideal of the nation’s martyrs and martyrs. Any normal person / politician with a popular spirit would reflect on the unimaginable concessions made to Serbia.


We should have the ingenuity and strategy to keep the conscience of the internationals constantly touched that we were the massacred and Serbia was the perpetrator of the massacre, who committed countless massacres, not only in the last decade of the last century but that it was so in over 100 years. This should be the help of the mother country (Albania as is internationally recognized, in today’s very reduced borders.-Clarification of the translator. L.B.) – not just help but it is an obligation.


It is known that it is not and would not be an easy task but it would be likely that the internationals would be convinced that the “zajednica” is a handful of privileged Serb settlers and that its weight is nothing compared to the Sandzak dumped through the Serbian Holocaust. Albanians and the Serb Holocaust in Kosovo in over 100 years.


Greece, on the other hand, has managed to forget the massacres and persecutions of the Chams by Chameria. For them,this is not just enough. It aims through official and religious policy to Hellenize Southern Albania and to take part in it from the southern sea.


Politicians in Albania, position – opposition are disgusting, extremely irresponsible. Many in the west count them as abnormal people. Not only do they prevent the Hellenization of Southern Albania but they are convinced that they are not interested in anything national. All the work done by the opposition and the position in Albania is spent on recycling each other. It is likely that they do not even know geographically where Sandzak is, while they have completely erased Chameria from their minds.


Since 1990 in Albania it has become a crazy policy that we have often had our mother country on the brink.


They have turned the state into a state without an economy and without an army. It is not enough that Albania is in NATO. When it comes to life or death, you have to defend yourself and think about protecting the part of the nation outside the borders. Croatia has also joined NATO but it is not “sleeping”.


Without a developed economy there is no strong army.


The Albanian people in the Illyrian Peninsula are coming to power, through undemocratic forms, the unbridled, soft and weak politician as the generous “lamb” for the enemies, the gluttons for the people, the “fat” for the state economy and the “intelligent” for its own households.


Apparently we, as a people are condemned by God to bring us such rulers to forgive / lose from the trunk of the nation and our lands from time to time from extinction to extinction.


Imagine Serbia and Greece in the position of Albania what they would be able to do based on the truths we have.



By SANJAK in this article I mean the territory from Sandzak between Montenegro and Serbia to Red Apple in the north and south to Presevo.


Written by:

Musa Krasniqi


Translated into English by:

Luan Baci

October 15, 2020

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