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On September 2 at the White House for the Kosovo-Serbia negotiations. 

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Below is Kurti’s full post: 


About 80 days remain until the new US election where President Donald Trump faces Democratic candidate Joe Biden. The campaign there is intensifying before it has officially started. 


In this context, September 2 should be seen as the announced date of negotiations between Kosovo and Serbia in Washington D.C. Former US Ambassador to Berlin and former u.d. of the Director of National Intelligence, Richard Grenell, loves a last-minute success in foreign policy. The day before yesterday he criticized Mr. Biden “promises that he will make the problems of the world the responsibility of the United States”, and today he himself called for negotiations between Kosovo and Serbia. 


Grenell is the same diplomat who said he had never seen or discussed ‘territorial exchange’. He then accused the former National Security Adviser, John Bolton, that he was behind this plan, while the latter responded by saying that he had heard it from the two presidents, of Kosovo and Serbia. 


In January of this year, Grenell changed the current American position and abandoned all claims against Serbia in relation to Kosovo. Grenell has approached the Kosovo-Serbia dispute as a cowboy of finance and media who will not know about the history of Albanians and the sufferings and losses of Kosovo. 


In his announcement, Grenell is no longer talking about dialogue but about negotiations. Well, the negotiations are about compromise. The Constitution of Kosovo has within it the painful compromise of the Ahtisaari package, while the Constitution of Serbia continues Milosevic’s intentions, emphasizing in its second sentence that Kosovo is an integral part of Serbia. There can be neither justice nor benefit from such an approach. 


Kosovo’s priorities should be to fight the COVID-19 pandemic, ie to get out of the health crisis; fighting organized crime and high corruption, ie state justice; and, economic and social development, ie employment, especially of youth and women. The current government of Kosovo is failing in every way. 


As far as Serbia is concerned, we can dialogue as neighboring countries, based on the principle of reciprocity, and after proper preparations and with full transparency. 


Those from Kosovo who want to go to these negotiations called for September 2 have no legitimacy, credibility, authority or competence. Consequently, their agreements are unenforceable, and, they are not even worth the price of the paper on which they are written. 



Written by 

Albin Kurti 




Translated by 

Luan Baci  


AUGUST 15, 2020 


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