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Ambassadors of Kosova’s friends and partners, honored diplomats!

Dear Excellencies,
Kosova is honored to have your countries as partners. You have stood by us in our most difficult times.
Our societies share common values of freedom and democracy. We also share the same interests of strengthening our region economically and securing lasting peace and prosperity for all.
With this shared history and our common values in mind, and as the leader of the largest political party in Kosova, the most voted politician, an activist and concerned citizen of this small, poor, but resilient country, I write to urge you to help our health institutions in these challenging and unprecedented times, as they struggle with COVID-19 and work to save people’s lives.
As you may know, the situation with COVID-19 in the last two months has become dramatic. 341 people have died so far, 10.419 are infected, and there are 4.020 active cases. In the last two weeks we had an average of ten deaths per day, ranking first according to COVID-19 deaths per million residents.
Daily we have hundreds of positive cases with more than 50% of tested people positive. Given that the government has drastically scaled back contact tracing, the number of infections is much higher which presents an even greater risk if more people need hospitalization. The resources of our healthcare institutions – be they technical or human – are exhausted, and hospitals have run out of beds. All Intensive Care Units are occupied while doctors, specialists and nurses are working day and night under immense pressure and stress. More than 1.000 healthcare workers have now been infected which makes the need for more medical staff even more pressing.
Critical medical supplies to fight COVID-19 are running short, and if this dramatic situation continues, soon we will lack sufficient oxygen to help save patients in need. With scientists predicting a rise in infections in the fall and winter, the situation will further degenerate, causing a humanitarian catastrophe.
Dear Ambassadors, honored diplomats, I am well aware that the current health and economic crisis is global and that your countries too are struggling with the human and economic impacts of the pandemic.
But Kosova is in dire need.
As the Leader of the Opposition, it is my job to hold the current government to account, including in times of national emergency. I regret that we do not have a government which acts responsibly and professionally, listens to the scientists and experts, and enjoys trust and credibility among citizens. The virus itself is not of the government’s making, but the failure to respond responsibly is a direct result of its gross incompetence, putting our entire country at risk.
In this deeply concerning situation, I cannot stand idly by and watch while a health crisis deteriorates into a humanitarian one, threatening the lives of thousands of Kosova’s citizens.
Honorable ambassadors and diplomats, I have expressed these views to you privately many times. Now, on behalf of the people of Kosova, I publicly ask you and your countries to support Kosova’s healthcare institutions with the necessary medical equipment and human resources to enable us to prevent a health crisis from turning into a humanitarian catastrophe.
Albin Kurti
President of Lëvizja VETËVENDOSJE!
August 10, 2020

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