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Albanians “have two America”

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 Luan Baci – USA
June 16, 2020
Although the oldest and largest nation in the Balkans, but unfortunately separated by the force of arms and non-diplomatic diplomacy in 1913, in many parts, until after the Kosovo war where it was helped by the West and America, Kosovo for liberated from the occupation of Serbia, the Albanian nation had only one America, that of its hope, its natural ally. This is also due to the fact of past disappointments with the Eastern Alliances, where one, the former Soviet Union, turned into an alliance in the service of the Slavic peoples, and later it returned to China with an alliance that sought again. a position simply vassal! Tired, disappointed, impoverished, neglected, especially stolen and destroyed by the post-communist period, for Albanians America remained the only hope of true democracy, the rule of law in the state. and in society, of economic development, so the people became more pro-American, and ready to accept anything served by America, even without thinking twice, and because according to not only naive psychology and ignorance in most Albanian politicians in both Albanian states, but also because of servility and kissing to take or stay in power with their “pro-Americanism” falls and hypocrites.
In Albania, after the economy was stolen and destroyed, according to the scenarios of Belgrade and Athens, after the people were thrown into the dirt and without means of livelihood, forced to leave the country in the hundreds of thousands, there was a need for real democratic change, for establishing order and law. This was followed by the intervention of Europe and America, conventional diplomacy, traditional diplomacy, where Republicans or Democrats were in favor of establishing a rule of law and helping to create a legal system against corruption and crime. The construction of new justice bodies in Albania is bearing fruit, although it is in its infancy, but it is very promising. So here we have the hand of the powerful action of that America that works in favor of the Albanians, let’s say of America “number one”. Unfortunately on the other side of the border we have another America, that of an America “number two”?!
In Kosovo, the ALBANIAN NATION, for its misfortune, saw another America, not America that supports the fight against corruption and crime, but America that supports corruption and crime, that relies on and supports the grouping of degenerated and degraded people, involved on corruption and crimes, in people who do not even have sufficient credibility, or without credibility in Kosovar society. The current US administration of Trump, with Grenell in command of the Kosovo-Serbia talks, has badly broken the trust of Albanians. This administration, with the hard work of Grenell, overthrew the legitimate Kurti government elected by a majority of the people of Kosovo, and with the work of the criminal President Thaci, established an illegitimate government, voted by an lawmaker manipulated by him the day before the vote. at one o’clock in the morning (one in the middle of the night), and with another illegal lawmaker, sentenced to life imprisonment, as well as against the constitution, because the Hoti government should not have been formed at all. These illegal, anti-democratic, not at all diplomatic actions, which are in the position of dictating, and treating Kosovo as if it were a typical colony, and not as an independent state, built and with the help of America, are not only unfriendly, but they are against any relationship between allies and true friends, as the Kosovo Albanians and the entire Albanian nation with America feel and are. So here with Grenell we have an America “number two”, unlike the first “number one” in Albania. In Kosovo’s, America “number two”, we have an America’s of Grenell, who works against Kosovo and in the interest of Serbia, so not at all impartial in the talks he leads, so his talks will only produce great damage to Kosovo. otherwise there is no way to explain his irregular, diplomatically unacceptable steps, taken so far.
Grenell! You built and are relying on an illegitimate government built by you in Kosovo. Your actions are against the interests of the people of Kosovo and against those of the entire Albanian nation. With your work you are seriously damaging the friendship between our two peoples, even though this damage will be morally temporary, because the Albanian nation knows very well that Republican or democratic America, both are not in line with you. The bad thing is that your work will cause irreparable damage in the field, which unfortunately is not known and does not predict how bad and how far it can go. For you, only one agreement is important, to be sold for success, in aid of Trump’s election propaganda, and not at all in the interest of Albanians. To put it bluntly, as a crystal, your activity is only harmful, to be reserved, not to say criminal.
Mr. Grenel! There can be no peace in the Balkans without justice for Albanians. Refer to the story to find out where the truth and justice lie. The letter, signed as an agreement by the CUSTOMS COLLABORATIVE GOVERNMENT, HOTI, and the criminal president, the Thaci snake, will be truly worthless, and a diplomatic shame for you and the administration you represent, and not a campaign success at all. Friendly is in honor of the position you hold to correct your attitude.

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